North Forest High School

Rice & Gardner served as the Commissioning Authority (CxA) for the new construction of North Forest High School. The new 21st century high school features plenty of windows with open views to the prairie in front of the building and the forest in back. The new campus also includes flexible learning spaces, a modern dining common, and CTE (career and technical education) spaces. The school contains an indoor running track – a first of its kind in HISD. Project is seeking LEED certification.

Rice & Gardner provided LEED AP Management services and performed Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services. Systems commissioned include the building envelope, chiller system (including controls, chillers, piping, pumps and variable speed drives), pumps, Variable speed drives, Hydronic piping, cleaning and flushing (CHW), Chemical treatment of hydronic piping (CHW), Ductwork, Air handling units, Energy Recovery Units (ERU), Split systems, Terminal units, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing work, Building automation system (controlled devices, control loops and system integration), electrical systems, and domestic hot water systems.

Type Of Construction
Program Budget
$60 M
Additional Information
  • Provided documented confirmation that the facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of the District, designer, occupants, and operators.
  • Prepared commissioning specifications/requirements and reviewed the design to ensure it met the Owner’s objectives.
  • Developed and coordinated the execution of a testing plan, including observing and documenting all systems’ performance to ensure that the systems are functioning in accordance with the Design Intent requirements and the Contract Documents.