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For over a decade, Rice & Gardner Consultants has been known as a leader in construction project management and commissioning within the design and construction industry. Combining expertise, dedication to incomparable service, and a commitment to serving the Houston community as a consulting firm they can trust, we have established a well-respected position throughout Texas.

In addition to project management and commissioning services, Rice & Gardner is equipped to offer a range of additional options to fit your specific needs. Our team can help you choose an individualized combination of services to achieve your project requirements and goals.

Construction Administration

Rice & Gardner construction administrators (CAs) will represent you through all aspects of the project, acting on your behalf according to your project guidelines and requirements. From the initial planning process to the final completion, our CAs provide the support you need every step of the way. Our team is comprised of highly trained members with extensive knowledge and practical experience, each one proudly representing our firm’s values of quality, accuracy, and precision.

Facility Assessment

The Rice & Gardner team of assessors will conduct a thorough assessment of your facility, whether you’re looking to make targeted improvements or dealing with a building emergency. Assessors will examine your facility and provide clear documentation of the following:

  • Site condition
  • Building envelope
  • Interior finishes
  • Environmental conditions

Once the assessment is complete, Rice & Gardner will recommend individualized, comprehensive services to target any issues or potential issues.

Sustainability & LEED

As an environmental conscience becomes an increasingly important part of many businesses and organizations, Rice & Gardner has led the industry in providing clients with a clear path towards sustainability in design and operation. Whether you’re interested in going “green” with your new construction project or simply to make a few eco-friendly changes to your facility, we have the extensive experience you need. Utilizing best practices, Rice & Gardner can manage all aspects of your facility’s efforts, including designing, building, commissioning, and qualifying for a range of LEED certifications, as desired.

At Rice & Gardner, we consider ourselves industry leaders in high-performance building design. Below is a list of our projects that have earned LEED certification:


LEED Certified

  • Billy K. Reagan Elementary School – CxA Services
  • Tanglewood Middle School – PM Services
  • Neff/White Elementary School – MEP Services
  • Sugar Grove Academy – CxA Services
  • Thompson Elementary School – CxA Services
  • Walnut Bend Elementary School – CxA Services
  • Delmar Fieldhouse – PM Services


LEED Silver

  • Bellaire High School Science Addition – PM Services
  • Frost Elementary School – CxA Services
  • Kate Smith Elementary School, Phase II – CxA Services
  • Roosevelt Elementary School – CxA Services
  • San Jacinto Elementary School – CxA Services



  • Boeing Bay Area Boulevard – MEP Services
  • New Orleans Custom House – CxA Services
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Department – CxA Services

And More

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